5 Stunning 2 Piece Art Prints For Your Workspace

5 Stunning 2 Piece Art Prints For Your Workspace

Posted by Keira Knightley on 25th Mar 2022

Wall art print has become an increasingly popular choice for décor of any kind. Investing in top-quality art is vital whether you're buying art for your work-from-home office or your corporate workspace.

Did you know that the way you decorate your office can significantly impact how productive your staff is? Staring at whitewashed walls can be tiresome and frustrating at times. Invest in art prints to brighten up your workspace and keep you and your co-workers and employees motivated! We've produced a list of the stunning 2-piece art prints for your workspace in this article.

Good Things Take time

Typography art is a terrific way to add some motivation to your workspace. This collection of two prints with a "good things take time" canvas reminds you that your hard work will pay off in the end. So, keep yourself inspired by displaying these canvas art posters in your office! While one canvas illustrates typography, the other depicts abstract art in shades of blue and white. The subtlety of the prints is what makes them unique.

Sunset Ocean 2 Piece

Nothing is more stunning than beautiful ocean waves immersed in the setting sun's light. This 2-piece canvas art is breathtakingly gorgeous. Illustrated in hues of white and pink, these prints will have a calming effect on a hectic workday. So, each time you need a break from work, admiring the beauty of these prints will surely refreshen your mind.

Calico Splodge Marbles

Due to their minimal and abstract nature, marbles are incredibly appealing to look at. Decorate the walls of your workspace with this stunning set of two marble prints. While one canvas is illustrated in hues of orange and red and has accents of gold, the other has marble designs in shades of pink and purple with gold accents.

Good Vibes Only

Often enough, we tend to forget the importance of motivational quotes, and typography can have a more substantial impact than you think. This set of two prints would be the perfect choice for office décor. While one canvas reads "good vibes only" in bold letters, the other depicts abstract art in shades of black and white.

Flower Leaves

No matter what, you can never go wrong with floral art décor. Choosing décor for one's workspace is often an arduous task as you have to ensure that you're always motivated and inspired by these prints. But, on the other hand, flowers and leaves are always a good choice! This minimalist combination of two art prints features a rose drawing on one canvas and leaves with shadows on the other.


Art has a long-lasting impact on most people. As a result, when choosing office décor, include vibrant prints that will instantly brighten your surroundings and have uplifting elements. Arttree has a wide selection of abstract art prints. We only offer premium-quality prints with fade-resistant and water-resistant inks!

Don't be frightened to try your hand at digital art. Explore the many alternatives available to find the art that best matches the atmosphere you want to create in your workspace. So, take a look at Arttree's stunning assortment of 2-piece canvas art that will look great on your workplace walls.