5 Quickest Ways to Use 3 Piece Wall Art

5 Quickest Ways to Use 3 Piece Wall Art

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 27th Jun 2022

The more, the better. You may have heard of this trite expression a zillion times, but today we will see how it truly works in decorating the rooms of your space.

To witness the power of the trio, buy a 3 piece of wall art set from the house of Arttree, and give your home a refreshing visual appeal. You surely need something that will put your mind at ease, enliven the interiors, and last but not least impress your guests. But before that, you must learn some of the quickest ways to display these beauties. Let’s get started!

Paste It on the Wall

Digging holes in the walls may require some time and effort. To top it all, it also damages walls. But, the easiest solution is using adhesive strips or tapes that are easy to use and remove as well. Paste these nature-inspired art prints on a wall featuring leaves, abstract geometrical shapes, spots, and curved lines. This will give your space a modern look with a touch of simplicity & organic.

Organize in Shelves

With different sizes and orientations, this art set conveys a rustic look with dry flowers, a landscape view, a visual of the sea, and a typography quote that encourages one to live life to the fullest. Besides hanging on the wall, you can quickly keep these prints on the different slabs of the same wooden shelf. Use this creative display idea and leave an impact on your guests.

Utilize Storage Cabinets or Tables

We all have storage cabinets at home, but we only use them to store our stuff. Well, it’s time to turn your storage cabinet or table into a multifunctional piece of furniture to display this exquisite wall art set. Keep these prints on the tabletop and if you have more space, then you can also add a flower vase, candle stand, or other small desk decor objects for a better look.

On the Floor

Want to decorate a small reading nook or corner? If yes, then keep the art prints of different sizes on the floor, leaning against the wall, and make the whole arrangement look more interesting than ever. This will surely save effort!

Mix of All

If you wish to be innovative with the display idea, then you can mix all ideas we’ve mentioned so far. You can stick one print on the wall, keep the other on a stool by leaning it against the wall and keep the third piece on the ground to create an artistic vision in the room. We bet you will be showered by praises from your guests.

To help spaces look extraordinary, Arttree has been selling 3-piece canvas art in Australia, and other countries for more than a decade now. With stunning art prints which are available in a variety of colors, subjects, and sizes, we have helped many people transform their living spaces, offices, cafes, and hotels. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website today, browse through our vast collection and choose the prints that you can resonate with.