5 Panoramic Canvas Paintings to Revamp Modern Spaces

5 Panoramic Canvas Paintings to Revamp Modern Spaces

Posted by Sara Taylor on 28th May 2022

We all have been true-blue fans of panoramic views and images as they look larger-than-life, wide, and unobstructed. To give your interiors a striking visual appeal, Arttree has introduced a stunning collection of panoramic wall art paintings which are 100% handmade by experienced artists and promise to enliven an ambiance instantly with their interesting mix of colors, textures, and patterns.

These paintings not only enrich the look of the plain walls but upgrade the ambiance of the entire room wherever they are placed. Even though you have all the swanky accessories and designer furniture that make your home look comfortable and chic, nothing can match the grace and art brings to you.

Do you want to have a look at some of our latest additions that will improve the aesthetics of your space in a jiffy? Know about them through this blog.

Chromatic Butterflies

If you use a grey color decor scheme in your living room, then you must add a classy touch to the wall using this panoramic painting. Featuring delicate butterflies with abstract spots, this piece of art will immediately steal the show and never fail to impress others with its subtle beauty and grace. Art brings people together and you will experience the same the moment it becomes a conversation starter for your guests.

Pied Stain

The zigzag smudges artwork looks great on the walls of contemporary homes for the fact that they are unique in appearance. When there is no outdated stuff in your home, how can the walls be decorated with paintings that look old-fashioned? Therefore, we have created this modish piece with excellent colors and a phenomenal concept that will never shy away from the spotlight.

Multicolored Strokes

When art is teamed up with the right upholstery and sofa cushions, it simply enhances the overall look of the room. For instance, in this image yellow cushions are bonding well with the yellow color used in the artwork while the blue color is creating contrast for an eye-appealing appearance. The brush strokes pattern and taint design make this painting even more delightful to look at.

Floral Plant

The combination of yellow and white looks pleasing to the eyes and creates a vibe full of serenity and peacefulness. Providing a neat and clean look, this heavy texture painting featuring blossoms is a must-have for contemporary settings. Vouch for it if you wish to experience a refreshing change in the decor of your room.


The panoramic seascape view with vast ocean, sailboats, and coconut trees is truly a treat to the eyes. Covering the wall behind the furniture properly, this painting has bold textures that one cannot afford to overlook. So, what are you waiting for? Make this panoramic canvas painting yours and start your decor journey with this beautiful handmade painting.

Offering a plethora of art designs, subjects, colors, and sizes, Arttree is a name to trust when it comes to adorning walls with something distinctive and stylish. Check out our online collection and buy the ones that you love the most.