5 Nice Resin Sculptures For Your Home

5 Nice Resin Sculptures For Your Home

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 17th Feb 2021

Thinking of giving your home a simple yet attractive makeover, but not sure where to begin? Here's a thought! How about introducing beautiful resin sculptures in your home? Pretty, colorful, and soothing sculptures can infuse a sense of positivity in your rooms. If you have trouble finding the perfect one for you, then we have got you covered.

We have here 5 unique sculptures you won’t be able to take your eyes off from.

So, let’s begin!

Cat on the Chase

Cats are universally loved. And rightly so. They are fun to have around your space and can change the mood of a place. If you adore cats, you will love to own this sculpture of a cat being a cat. The portrayal of the delicate curve of the cat speaks a lot about realistic craftsmanship. The mossy green color is pleasant to look at and will complement any contemporary décor. The bronze sheen on the edges also adds to the classy feel of the figurine.

A Glass Bear

Every child enjoys playing with teddy bears. You can give your kid's room a touch of playfulness with this resin sculpture of a little bear. The clear glass appearance contributes to the innocent vibe of the piece. The orangish red color looks like it is dissolving in water- this lends an abstract look to the sculpture. One can place it on any wooden or white marble surface to bring out its brightness.

The Eternal Bond

The beautiful bond shared by a mother and her child is evergreen and incomparable with anything else. To commemorate this bond, we bring you a sculpture of a mother playing with her child. It is graceful, quaint, and exudes a feeling of love and warmth. Though there are no prominent facial structures on the figurine, the expression is very much evident- such is the quality of the artwork. The white color lends a sense of purity to the resin sculpture. It will go well against a dark-colored background. It can also be a perfect gift for a new mother.

A Drop of Water

If abstract art is your forte, you will want to own this unique resin sculpture of a twisted droplet of water suspended in the air. The color is stunning, and the shape it forms is striking. It will captivate anyone who passes by it. Along with the blue water droplet, the marble-like wooden base gives off a sophisticated and elegant look. You can keep it on your bed-side table, study table or office desk.

The Egyptian Sphinx

We have found the right statue for your home, if you are someone who has an affinity for unique things. It is a resin sculpture of an Egyptian sphinx with intriguing Egyptian symbols engraved in its body. The silver and the red color combination give it a royal and enticing look. You can place it over a wooden or dark-colored surface to bring out the intricacies of the piece.

Each of these resin sculptures is handmade by experienced artists- this makes them one of a kind. None of them is too harsh on the eye but can still capture the sight of the onlooker!