5 Most Popular Still Life Prints for a Tasteful Decor Set Up

5 Most Popular Still Life Prints for a Tasteful Decor Set Up

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 13th Aug 2022

Decorating the interiors of our home is undoubtedly a liberating process where you decide on everything- from furniture to lights. However, there is so much beyond buying the right sofa set and corner lamp, and that’s exactly what we are going to address in this blog. Arttree has been transforming spaces by adorning plain walls with wall art prints. In our vast collection, you will find exclusive pieces of art in a variety of styles and subjects, but still-life prints have the magic of depicting ordinary, daily life objects and scenes in a unique way to give them a whole new meaning, basically making them look beyond the ordinary.

So, let’s dive into the world of artistic creations.

Abstract is Interesting

The square-shaped 3-piece art showcasing abstract designs will look fabulous on the wall of any room- be it the living room or bedroom. Creating depth in interiors and adding character to a featureless wall, this piece can surely be trusted for a contemporary space. Take one moment to feel this- coming back home to interiors and seeing this distinctive art on the wall. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Wait no more and buy this print from us.

Geometric Scandinavian Print

The spots, trees, human figures, leaves, geometric shapes, and patterns in this art set make this piece even more appealing to look at. Giving the modern look and feel, its presence will surely add grace and charm to the interiors, thereby making the ambiance look subtle and sophisticated. Creating a focal point in the room, this piece is a treasure.

A Classic Work by a Famous Artist

Made by a famous American artist Andrew Wyeth, this art featuring a child sitting alone on hay is enough to grab all your attention. As it is a reproduction print of a popular painting, the price range is competitive. If you use tones of brown in your interiors, then this wall décor element will be the right fit.

A Timeless Creation

Let’s welcome yet another creation by the iconic artist Andrew. Featuring a riverboat, an old harbor landscape, timber, and dry trees, this art set has got all the reasons to make anybody fall in love with it. With muted tones, this art can create a visual look in both- contemporary and traditional décor settings.


Deer with trees around and apples lying on the ground, this still life wall art has its purity and grace. With the essence of natural surroundings, this piece becomes even more impressive and suitable for wall décor. If the color of the wall or flooring is of earthy tones, then this art will surely complement the existing décor.

You may find plenty of wall decoration ideas, but if you want a classy and stylish look without splurging too much money on accessories, then wall art is a great option to consider.

Visit Arttree today and drive through our collection which consists of a multitude of prints in different sizes and colors. So, no matter what tones you use in interiors, you will get an art print to go well with the existing décor. So, discover our prints without much delay and get ready to revamp your interiors on a budget.