5 Most Loved Paintings for the Living Room

5 Most Loved Paintings for the Living Room

Posted by John Wright on 3rd Sep 2023

The living room is considered the most important room in a home. It is where you entertain your guests or gather for family time after a hectic workday. Therefore, maintaining a peaceful and positive ambience in the living room is essential. You can transform the aura of your living room with the timeless allure of masterful paintings. Art can infuse a new personality into any room, evoke emotions and spark conversations. In this blog, let us journey through the enchanting world of paintings for the living room. From vibrant and bold paintings to soothing and minimalist works, properly chosen artworks can transcend mere decoration and become the heart of your home’s aesthetic.

Eucalyptus Foliage

Eucalyptus is considered sacred in a few cultures, symbolising abundance, strength, and protection against negative energy. If these qualities attract you, this minimalist and dainty painting set should find a place on your living room wall.

Pablo Picasso Violin

Are you an admirer of Pablo Picasso, the painter who pioneered the Cubism movement in art? Then we have a set of his art prints on the violin, which are stunning. A masterpiece-inspired art print set like this will enhance the grandeur of your home.

Grey Color

If your living room exhibits various bright hues, your wall decor should be subtle and classy, like this monochromatic painting showcasing different shades of grey. Grey also symbolises balance, a vital value for family building. Therefore, this art print is perfect for every home.

Refreshing Green Leaves

Immerse yourself in nature’s tranquillity with this set of paintings for the living room, capturing the essence of lush green foliage. The bright green leaves will add a dash of refreshing quality to the ambience of your room, uplifting its atmosphere.

Abstract Watercolour Leaves

This watercolour painting set featuring beautiful and delicate leaves is perfect if abstract and minimalist art suits your style. Using blue, magenta and yellow ochre gives the art print a lively effect.


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