5 Interesting Animal Sculptures For Your Coffee Table

5 Interesting Animal Sculptures For Your Coffee Table

Posted by Emma Anderson on 5th Feb 2021

Wanting to add a little zing factor to your home décor but not sure how to? Here’s the solution: accessorize. We are here to help you find the perfect animal sculptures that can amp up your coffee table corner in an instant. Each of these pieces is unique and eye-catching! Let’s get started.

Cat in Motion

Are you a cat lover? Then you ought to grab this fiberglass animal sculpture of a cat doing what it does best! This sculpture has a fluidic feel owing to its structure and goes well with contemporary home décor. It is small and handy and won’t be taking up too much space. The bronze finish gives off a shine that is sure to attract your guests’ attention! With this in hand, you won’t be needing anything else to jazz up your little coffee table.

The Charging Bull

This glass animal sculpture is adorable. The black and white diamond motifs over the bull’s body are captivating and can attract attention. The shape and size are small and can be kept in any corner of a table. Its abstractness will suit best with a wooden table of a dark shade. Each time you sit at the table with your coffee in hand, you can admire this unique handmade piece.

A Petit Giraffe

Do you like keeping things simple and sweet? We might have the perfect décor item for you! A sleek figurine of a giraffe made of iron wires covered in pale blue paint is what you need for your somber marble table. The woven style gives it a delicate look that is almost feminine. You can put it alongside a slender looking vase to accentuate the whole look. This iron animal sculpture oozes out classiness!

The Rainbow Fish

Thinking of adding a little splash of color to your plain white table? Your wait is over! This glass animal sculpture of a fish is going to add the oomph that your décor requires. The vivid colors can brighten up any dull corner of your room. The slender structure of the sculpture also gives off a sophisticated and modern look. If you like marine life, you will like this little fish on your table as well!

The Glass Octopus

Always had a knack for all things quirky and unconventional? Here is a glass animal sculpture that will complement your taste. This black, white, and gold octopus figurine is uncommon and is sure to make heads turn. The intricate black and white pattern and the sheen that the golden dust gives off is gorgeous! If you own a glass or marble pattern table, this is the perfect item for you.

If you still aren’t convinced about getting a fun animal sculpture for your quaint-looking coffee table, then just think of the bagful of compliments your guests will shower you with once they see it!