5 Inspiring Works of Art for home décor

5 Inspiring Works of Art for home décor

Posted by Keira Knightley on 25th Sep 2021

We all have different reasons for purchasing artwork for home décor. Perhaps you want your home to change along with the seasons or for it to represent a milestone in your family's life, such as a child's birth. You may also be tired of the same old paintings on your mantle. Whatever your reason, selecting items for home decor needs patience and time.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced interior designer, you will agree that sculptures and other works of art play a significant role in interior design. You can start by adding a contemporary sculpture to the room.

Selecting the right type of sculpture for your room means it can become a signature piece of art immediately. Besides, a stunning modern sculpture can change the way a room looks within no time at all.

We are here to ease your journey of selecting the best sculptures and figurines for your home décor. Here is a list of ideas that you will love:

Musician with a red bow

A celebration can take place in various forms, and music is an important part of almost all. Several communities gather during festivities, and traditional musical instruments are played. The Musician with a red bow is a very modern figurine that is playing a congo. When you choose this for your home décor, there is a happy vibe around. It is inspiring to look at a figurine that can put up a smile on our faces every day.

Couple in love

If you are looking for a home décor item that will add romance to space, retro sculptures such as this couple in love are perfect. The lovers are holding hands and embracing each other with a passionate kiss. You can place this stunning sculpture as the signature piece of your room. The bronze figurine is a perfect showstopper and exudes good vibes only.

Ribbon art

When you plan to give your home a makeover, an abstract sculpture such as this one fits the box perfectly. This structure features an excellent modern design with interweaved and curled metal bars. Such sculptures easily enhance the aesthetic factor of the room. The Ribbon Art sculpture is also an example of brilliant craftsmanship and technology. Procedures such as electroplating and welding have been used in the creation of the beautiful sculpture.

The Guitarist

The Guitarist is a beautiful, contemporary sculpture that is perfect for music lovers especially. A musician playing the guitar in a very rock and roll style is a very cheerful sight. It is an iron sculpture with excellent quality paint that won't chip off easily. Such figurines are versatile and can be placed in any corner of the house. Besides, you can explore the gallery and find musicians playing instruments in different poses and arrange them as a set.

Pair of birds

When you are looking for a showstopper for your living space, here is something that will surely attract you. The pair of birds is an incredibly stylish and perfect example of exemplary sculpting skills. It is a modern figurine that features clean lines and curved wiring designs. The Pair of Birds is truly exquisite and will make people talk about your classy taste for a long time.


There is a high demand for beautiful sculptures and figurines for home décor because the right one can easily uplift the room's charm. So, it is time for you to add some of these beautiful and inspiring works of art to your cart. You will find a wide range of sculptures on our website.