5 Impressive Panoramic Artworks for Hallways

5 Impressive Panoramic Artworks for Hallways

Posted by Sara Taylor on 26th Apr 2021

Redecorating your house is a real task. Merely coloring your rooms and arranging a few furniture pieces won't give it the look or vibe you envision. Opting for paintings can give you an edge. You can choose artworks that reflect your style and taste. Panoramic canvas art paintings are in vogue presently owing to their expansive dimensions. They can completely change the feel of any room or hallway. So, we have hand-picked 5 such paintings that might capture your eye:

The Wall of Flowers

Yellow and white can brighten up any dull-looking corner. If you want to bring a spark to your drab hallway, you should opt for this panoramic canvas art painting of bright yellow and white flowers. These loose florals are indeed pretty enough to give a new look to your wall. This versatile painting can go well against both dark and light-colored walls. It also will not look out of place at your contemporary themed home.

The Blue Poppy

This panoramic canvas art painting is color centric. If your hallway has a touch of either white, grey, or blue, this artwork will perfectly fit in. The focus of this painting lies in the single blue poppy. The color is exquisite. If you put it up on a yellow colored wall, it will bring out the painting's brightness. The abstract background of the artwork lends it a contemporary look. It is heavily textured, and the grey and silver tones will blend in with your modern home decor.

The Beach Farm

If you are looking for an artwork that exudes a sense of calmness, then you might want to have a look at this long length canvas art. The subdued and pastel shades give the painting an air of peacefulness. The painting is pleasant to look at and will uplift the mood of any room.

The sleek golden border accentuates the art piece. It will look good against any dark-colored wall. The contrast will bring more focus to the painting. Put it up on a bare wall in your hallway, and watch your guests eye the artwork every time they pass it.

A Play of Red

Are you attracted to abstract art? Then this piece of art is one of a kind. It is an impasto knife painting using a bright and versatile red color. Red signifies vitality and passion. It can energize the vibe of the hallway. The vignette effect in this painting makes it all the more aesthetic. It will look best against a white backdrop. It will also blend in smoothly in a home with modern-day decor.

The Color Pencils

Looking for something to put in the hallway near your child’s bedroom? We have got you covered. This long length canvas oil painting will be a child's favourite. It has an old-school charm that will take you back to your school days. Put it up against a light-colored wall for a sober and playful feel.

So, did any of the panoramic canvas art paintings grab your attention? Then head over to our collection on our website and place an order immediately!