5 Geometric Art Prints: From Abstract to Modern

5 Geometric Art Prints: From Abstract to Modern

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 1st Jul 2023

Abstract art is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes patience to understand the depth and beauty of abstract paintings. One of the most popular types of abstract art is geometric art, which combines various geometric shapes to make an intriguing artwork. These geometric art prints in Australia are becoming hugely popular due to their widespread appeal. People use them to decorate their homes and give them a modern outlook. They are perfect for office spaces and homes and can bring back life to any room. The vibrant colours and beautiful patterns in abstract art make these a crowd favourite. Moreover, abstract art is open to interpretation - people can spend hours staring at the same artwork and come up with completely different explanations.

You are in the right place if you want fresh art prints for accessories on your walls. Here are 5 of our best geometric art prints in Australia that can elevate the look and feel of your home!

Geometric Triangles Deer

Deers are often considered symbols of spiritual authority. In addition, the deer's antlers fall off during their lifetime, only to regrow - this symbolically represents regeneration. This is why deer are revered in many traditions. The bright yellow shapes add to the positive effect of this art print. This wall art set is ideal for your living room.

Geometric Pattern Circles

Circles represent wholeness or completeness - circles exude a sense of totality. The feeling of fullness goes hand in hand with happiness; hence this art print is the ideal precursor of positivity in your home. Moreover, circles also stand for the cyclical nature of life - helping reinstate faith in the world's natural order.

Geometric Rectangles Set

This unique abstract artwork is made of light grey rectangles placed one after the other in a haphazard manner. The areas with the most concentrated shapes appear black - almost like an abyss - creating a sense of mystery. This art print will take people by surprise and give the room a modern, gothic feel.

Geometric Splotch

If bright and radiant colours are not your thing, you might like subdued and more natural hues. If your house already has vibrantly coloured walls, a more neutral palette will be better for the wall art print. Therefore, this print with pastel and earthy shades is perfect. It has a vintage charm, which will serve as a welcome change.

Geometric Blemishes

If you like bold, quirky, fun home decor items, you will immediately love this colourful and playful wall art set. It uses illuminating colours like yellow, blue, orange, green, and white, with black borders creating a cartoon-like effect. It will change the aura of any dull room in your home!


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