5 Best Vertical Canvas Wall Art

5 Best Vertical Canvas Wall Art

Posted by Sara Taylor on 21st Sep 2022

Vertical canvas wall art is suited to decorate narrow spaces. These can sufficiently make your walls look put together, adding to the vibe and uniqueness of your home. So, if it is a fresh look you want or something you are trying out for the first time, Arttree has you covered, and canvas wall prints happen to be amongst the best choices. So here is a list of the 5 best vertical canvas wall art prints most loved by our clients.

Birds and flowers

It is a vertical canvas wall art print with quite the inclusion of details. The pictures of birds and flowers recur on a light background. The overall vibe of the print is bold and bright. If it might be something you find interesting, get this print today and put it on your walls to add to its elegance.

Hues and shades

An abstract vertical canvas wall art print, suitable for office spaces and abodes that have a modern and chic décor. The print is based on the lighter side of things, appealing and soft, and is fit to serve as a unique piece that stands as an example speaking of your tastes.

Rectangle vertical

A piece of vertical canvas wall art, which is majorly abstract and depicts much contrast, is bound to grab people's attention when used for décor. It is well suited for workspaces and living rooms. The charm of this print lies in the fact that the expanded space of the colors used make it look different and spread out, pulling the entire of this look together into one, making it feel complete.


Rectangles, layers, soft earthly aesthetics, and apparent texture are some of the various words that can be aptly used to describe this vertical canvas wall art. If any of these characteristics seem to interest you, then be sure to check out this unique piece of abstract art. It can be well suited to fill up a void on your walls, making your place look all the more elegant.

Verse lines

This abstract painting on canvas is hung vertically and would look great in a contemporary office or home. The print depicts a more cheerful, pleasant aesthetic; it is soft and inviting and would make an excellent showcase for your personal style. The color palette involved makes it look all the more defined and better.


The 3 piece vertical canvas art prints by Arttree happen to be of the finest quality at the most reasonable price. The variety is extensive, and one can browse through the website to look for the print that seems to match their aesthetic, availing it with ease.