5 Best Indian Prints to Beat Empty Walls for Good

5 Best Indian Prints to Beat Empty Walls for Good

Posted by Josh Phillips on 10th Aug 2022

The most beautiful thing about India is its rich history, ancient culture, and traditions that never fail to surprise tourists. Besides, it is a unique land that celebrates its glory amid vibrant colors. Whether your taste for home décor bends towards traditional or modern, adding these Indian canvas prints from the house of Arttree will surely cheer up the blank walls and make your guests evoke the memories of this colorful nation.

Indian Madhubani Women

Depicting the living cultural heritage, Madhubani is a famous art that expresses the illustrations of love, religion, fertility, and sensitivity of people. This folk art has drawings in bright colors and contrasts that breathe life into barren walls instantly. If your room is bereft of any excitement and feature, then this piece of art featuring an Indian woman donning ethnic wear and jewelry is an ideal wall décor element to uplift the interiors.

Fish Rangoli Pattern

In India, the purpose of Rangoli is beyond decoration as it is believed that Rangoli is made at the entrance of a home to invite the goddess of wealth, happiness, luck, and positivity. Taking inspiration from this culture, we have come up with this art depicting the fish Rangoli design and patterns in striking, vivid colors. It looks gorgeous on a plain wall with muted beige, white, and grey tones. Design a stark wall with this beautiful art print and enliven your ambiance.

Indian Lady Art

Featuring the women of rural India elegantly, this artistic wall décor piece will truly win your heart and leave a lasting impression on your guests. It reminds us of the culture of rural areas and villages in India wherein most of the women adorn themselves with ornaments and wear traditional clothes. If portraits entice you, then this single piece of art can be a great addition to your drab wall.

Traditional Indian Dance

The traditional folk dance forms of India are popular across the world, and if you too are a big fan, then buying such Indian prints depicting women and men performing mudras or poses of an Indian style of dancing should be a must-have. Adding a vibrant print to the wall enhances visual interest in the room and creates an ambiance you would love to be around.

Indian Music

Classical or folk music in India has a fragrance of deep-rooted culture. If you are a music lover, then you must surely bring this wall art home and let it speak volumes about your preferences and choices. Be it any room of your home- whether it’s a living room or bedroom- this art's presence will add grace and charm to any room.

Style your walls with traditional prints and infuse the historical significance and ancient culture into the nook and crannies of your home. Visit our online art studio and choose your favorite art considering all the other factors like size, color, pattern, orientation, etc. It’s time to engage with some Indian values and heritage.