5 Beautiful Oil Paintings for the Living Room

5 Beautiful Oil Paintings for the Living Room

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 8th Jun 2024

When you want to enhance the atmosphere of your living room, a few elements can be compared with oil paintings in terms of style and timelessness. The history of oil painting traces back to the 7th century when Bamiyan, Afghanistan, had some of their oldest known samples done in murals inspired by Buddhism. They are still an all-time favourite Oil Painting Reproduction amongst art lovers because of their richness in colour, depth and versatility. Here are five beautiful oil painting wall art that can transform your living room into a sophisticated and inviting space:

Ballet Dancer

When you bring “Ballet Dancer” home to your drawing room, you introduce a vibrant symphony of reds, pinks, blacks, blues, greens, cyans and whites. This modern textured knife oil painting wall art captures ballet’s grace and elegance in one vibrant visual centrepiece that evokes movement and emotion, making it perfect for enhancing the artistic ambience of your space.

Ballerina Dancers

This “Ballerina Dancers” captures seated and standing female ballerinas’ gracefulness through abstract typography as well as textured lines. There are two pieces of multi-panel acrylic canvas sets that exude motion and elegance while bringing ballet’s ethereal beauty into your living room with intricate handmade designs and captivating artistry.

Starry Night II

This post-impressionist duplicate beautifully reproduces van Gogh’s swirling night sky filled with glowing stars within a three-section split-panel painting. Each panel is made from rough texture, adding depth and dimension to this captivating landscape, which is an original masterpiece.

Water Lilies

Monet’s “Water Lilies” can change your living room into a place of beauty with a four-piece split canvas set. This vintage-inspired, impressionist masterpiece captures the peacefulness of water lilies floating on a calm pond. The heavy texture and vibrant colours bring Monet’s garden to life and create a serene, immersive experience that will mesmerise and relax you.

Starry Night Over The Rhone

“Starry Night Over The Rhone” by Vincent Willem van Gogh is an awe-inspiring reimagining of one of the most famous paintings in history. This amazing three-piece split pane oil painting reproduction is done in great detail to highlight the heavy texture and distinct style which characterise this artist.


Incorporating oil paintings in your living room décor raises its status and represents your personal preference for art. These pieces can add depth, colour, and soul to any home, whether you prefer classical masterpieces or modern reproductions. Arttree has many options for beautiful oil painting reproduction. You can check out our collection to find some fantastic options that fit your style perfectly.