5 Beautiful Colorful Planet Design Artwork

5 Beautiful Colorful Planet Design Artwork

Posted by Josh Phillips on 27th Oct 2023

Gary Snyder has stated, “Nature is not a place to visit, it is home”. The beauty of nature inspires Arttree. The brand has a beautiful collection of multicolor canvas artwork that captures the true essence of nature and its absolute beauty. Each artwork has a story to depict; the artworks are specially curated to showcase the dimensions of nature and the versatility of outer space. Arttree has a collection of artworks that portray the wonder of planets and the solar system. Let's dive through some of the colourful planet's artwork.

Colourful Planet Design Artwork 12 Panel

Each part of this beautiful canvas represents the beauty of vibrant and colourful planets. The artwork depicts the dynamic moods of the planets and how this impacts their beauty. Each panel of the canvas has a story to convey.If you wish to install artwork that adds a fun element to your space, this art piece is for you!


The artwork focuses on a planet and explores the solar system's beauty. The artwork showcases the orbits around the planet Earth and their absolute beauty. The canvas represents the mesmerizing beauty of the solar system with the help of the inky colours and the fusion of the bright colours in the middle. The artwork has the potential to give dimension to any room with the help of its minute details.

Welkin Planet

Welkin is an interesting concept. The word stands for the presence of a dome on the surface of a planet, as people believe in the concept of planets being the extension of heaven. The landscape of planets further enhances the tremendous artistic attractiveness of the piece. The artwork showcases the irresistible beauty of the landscape that Welkin Planet is portraying.

Planets Water

The artwork of Planet Water truly satisfies the sense of colourful planets. The artwork has presented the aqueous support of planets, representing the unexplored segments of the solar system.

The Places You'll Go Wall Sets

This artwork is a creative amalgamation of stars, rockets, and planets. The canvas comprises a quote stating, "The Places You'll Go" teaches your children that there are no limits to their potential. The artwork is attractive and the right option for your kid's room.


If you prefer to have symbolic natural artwork around, our artwork collection depicting the beauty of colourful planets will captivate you. Arttree understands the importance of emotional connections, and for the sake of the same, we have an extensive collection of artworks that meet your expectations.