4 Best Animal Paintings for Animal Lovers

4 Best Animal Paintings for Animal Lovers

Posted by Keira Knightley on 3rd Aug 2023

Do you consider animals your true friends? Does the sight of animals make you feel the urge to pet them, no matter how intimidating or terrifying they look? Then it is correct to say that you are an animal lover. Did you know your home could promote your love for animals through decor? The easiest and most efficient way is by incorporating animal paintings into the set. They are fun and funky and add a sense of quirk and cheer to your home.

Check out our most recommended animal-themed paintings for home.

Cute Panda

Pandas are adorable animals, and this painting captures their endearing quality and playful nature. The soft colour palette creates a heartwarming atmosphere, making it ideal for your kid’s room. If you want your home to radiate warmth and charm, this painting is for you!

Bleak Steed

Horses symbolise power, good luck, and wealth. Therefore, horses are frequently used in home decor. This monochrome animal painting depicts the enigmatic beauty of a majestic steed against a mysterious backdrop. This artwork's sense of power makes it ideal for horse enthusiasts.

Hued Elephant

If you want to add colours to your bleak walls, this exquisite painting of a majestic elephant is most suited for you. The grandeur and grace of elephants are beautifully reflected through the painting, and the colourful detailing proves the artistic finesse. This painting will add a touch of sophistication to your room.

Colorific Butterfly

The delicate beauty of a butterfly is masterfully depicted in this captivating painting. The kaleidoscope of vibrant colours adds a sense of movement and dimension to the painting. It will instantaneously uplift the ambience of any room with a burst of life and joy!


The remarkable animal paintings listed above are a small fraction of our vast collection. These truthfully capture the very essence of the animal kingdom and offer a visual treat for all animal lovers. Our collection ranges from lifelike portrayals to imaginative interpretations, celebrating the beauty and diversity of wildlife. Visit our online store for more creative home decor needs!