3 Tips on Choosing The Right Sculpture for your Home

3 Tips on Choosing The Right Sculpture for your Home

Posted by Shirley Jackson on 13th Jan 2021

Famous British designer, Tara Bernard once said: "For me, art to a room is like punctuation to a sentence; it is that all-important ingredient and without it, a space lacks the layers and attitude that a significant piece can bring."

Honestly speaking, buying artwork doesn’t come naturally to everyone except you are an artist or an art curator. You’d agree if you have found art galleries with sculptures for sale intimidating. Right size, right color, right shape, there’s so much we think about before buying sculptures to decorate our homes. There’s no defined list of rules when it comes to identifying the right sculptures. With plenty of options available, we are sharing a few tips to help you choose the right sculpture for your home.

Find your starting point

Your home represents you. The artwork you choose should also be a reflection of your personality. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing something that speaks to you. It could be a painting or photograph you already own or a piece of art you saw in a gallery and it brought an instant smile to your face.

Whatever you choose, this artwork will decide how you want the rest of your home to look like. You can either coordinate the sculptures with this anchor point or just pick an element and look for sculptures that carry it through and tie your home in one theme. A theme that you connect with.

Choose practicality over ideality

The key to creating stylish spaces is to feel comfortable. Add sculptures that are a perfect blend of form and functionality. For rooms that are a little bit dark and do not get natural light, you could choose sculptures with mirrors or sculptural lamps to add both to the décor and brightness. If your living room has less space, you can choose small and impactful pieces that match the scale of the space. Staying practical will make your home look seamless.

Mix and match

How do you want your home to feel? The overall effect you are aiming for should be the decisive factor when choosing sculptures for your home. It’s not a rule to match the art pieces with your home décor and furnishings. Traditional rooms can have sculptures representing modern art and rooms with modern décor can also have traditional sculptures. It is often a better choice to mix and match and create an ambience you feel great living in.

Sculptures are a great way to add something unique to your home with style. Whether it’s a large statement piece or several small sculptures, a little research will lead you a long way in creating the space you desire. These tips will further help you tie different elements of your home décor together and create a character.

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