3 Reasons to Have a Buddha Statue in your Home

3 Reasons to Have a Buddha Statue in your Home

Posted by Shirley Jackson on 13th Mar 2021

Peace is the other name for home and vice versa. We long for the sense of peace, calm and harmony when at home. A home where we can get a good night’s sleep. This feeling of peace is nothing but a state of mind that depends on the aura of our homes. Keeping a Buddha statue at home entrance influences the energy around us.

Lord Buddha has inspired art and sculpture for centuries now. People not only worship Buddha but also consider him a symbol of inner peace. Buddha statue decor at home speaks of your secular beliefs and has a versatile appeal. Its significance is manifold.

Here’s why you should add a Buddha statue to your home decor.

They make for great decor accessories and gifts

The beauty of Buddha statues is immense. They are graceful, elegant and royal to look at. One cannot ignore antique Buddha statues for sale. They are versatile as they can be used in both the living room and garden.

Buddha statues are a popular gifting choice and find place in art galleries world over. It is believed that giving a Buddha statue to someone you love can enhance happiness and peace in their lives.

They give positive vibes

Buddha statues add an element of calmness to home interiors. This is one of the major reasons why people love keeping them in their homes and offices. These statues can help you achieve inner peace, a must-have for a happy and fulfilling life. Positive vibes created by a Buddha statue also keeps one energetic throughout the day.

Ancient science of Feng shui and Vastu recognize their significance

The flow of right energy in your home is important. Feng shui and Vastu, both say a lot about the precise placement of a Buddha statue in homes and offices. It is believed that you enjoy full benefits from the positive energy radiated by Buddha statues when they are placed correctly. Having a Buddha statue in the living room is a great idea, just ensure that it is placed facing the entrance. This not only brings in positive energy but also repels negative forces.

Buddha statues are made in different forms and poses. Each one of them has its own significance. From inspiring children in study to bringing fortune and prosperity in business, Buddha statues find place in every home. Setting a Buddha statue in the garden works like wonder for those who meditate and relax in their home garden. Just set it at a place where you can gaze it from without inhibitions.

It is important that you do not disrespect a Buddha statue by placing it on the ground. Keep it on a pedestal, table or shelf. Doesn’t matter whether you are a follower of Buddhism or not, you can consider having a Buddha statue in your home for good.

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