3 Piece Wall Art Sets With A Modern Touch

3 Piece Wall Art Sets With A Modern Touch

Posted by Emma Anderson on 26th May 2021

We treasure our homes- we want them to look and feel impeccable. To make that happen, most of you spend an enormous amount of money on furnishing your houses with high-quality and expensive products. But there is another easier and pocket-friendly way of turning your dream home into a reality- investing in split art prints. They will jazz up the aesthetic factor in your rooms and also add a modern touch. Due to their size dynamics, a single 3 piece wall art set can be enough to decorate your room- this, in turn, will reduce your expenditure!

Once you start exploring the various art genres, you might feel unsure of which one to choose. Contemporary art prints will save you time and trouble. They are perfectly suitable for homes with modern decor and exude a minimalist feel. To help you decide on the most appropriate art piece for your home, we have in store five 3 piece wall art sets for you:

The Face Amidst The Leaves

Are you looking for something with vintage vibes that will go well with contemporary home decor? opt for this beautiful pastel pink and nude shaded framed art set. The overall color palette of this wall art set is subdued and comforting. The juxtaposition of the vivid blue-eyed face among the simple floral bouquets conveys a modern effect. You can put it up against any white-colored wall, preferably in your living room.

The Love Quotes

Bring home some fresh positivity with this 3 piece wall art set of typography prints. The minimalist approach of this art set lends it a contemporary feel. The combination of pastel pinks, yellow ochre, and blue will create the perfect balance between the warm and cool tones of the room. It will look good on both light and dark colored walls.

The Floating Chinese Lotus

Do you have an affinity for floral art? Then you will admire these contemporary art prints that have smoothly combined floral art with abstract art- and the result is worthy of every bit of attention! This is a minimalist art set, with a pink lotus at the middle and splashes of dirty blue on the edges. The sleek borders complete the look and give it a modern vibe.

The Family Of Penguins

Whose heart does not melt while watching penguins? They are adorable creatures that almost every human being gushes over. If you fall under this category, do have a look at this cutesy framed art of endearing penguins. It radiates positivity and love- which will inevitably uplift the mood of any room. It is perfect for your bedroom or even your kid’s room. A wall of any shade will look good against this art set.

The Real Heroes

If you want something exclusively for your kid’s room, here is the perfect 3 piece wall art set that your child will love! The little quotes are age-appropriate, and the simple yet cute cartoon sketches have an aura of calmness surrounding them! The sleek white frames give the art pieces a modern touch and look good on darker wall colors.

Each of these art prints is unique, fun, and quirky. They will brighten up your home while lending a modern touch to it. If any of these prints catches your eye, head over to our online store, and add them to your cart!