3 Piece Wall Art Sets for Home Or Office

3 Piece Wall Art Sets for Home Or Office

Posted by Johnson Baker on 10th Sep 2020

2020 is the year when you will find peace at home most of the time. In the COVID times, it has become important to beautify your home. At this time, when you can’t go out, you should make sure your home makes you feel happy and tranquilized. You can also consider the office walls which would give cheerful vibes this year. So, you can bring a set of 3 wall art to your walls.

Below are some of the 3 piece wall art sets that you can pin to your walls and make them look amazingly beautiful.

Green Crystal Marble Print

Green is the color of liveliness. A set of 3 prints Australia in green color can uplift the vibes of your room immediately. These are digital canvas prints with abstract art on it. If you have designed your office and home with contemporary things then this set can fit in perfectly.

Leaf Art Canvas Prints

Leaf art prints are one of the safest options of wall art décor that can make your home rich and provides classy vibes. This black and white wall art set of 3 prints makes your walls look aesthetically appealing. Whether it is the office or home interior, black and white can never disappoint you to show creativity.

Sleeping Animals Print on Canvas

Sleeping animals wall art set of 3 can make your room attractive and set the décor game on point. These black and white canvas prints will steal the attention and create a focal point of the room. The canvas prints have the art of fox, cat and polar bear to bring out the animal and art lover from you.

Cartoon Animal Prints

If your office has any section for mothers and kids or you are looking forward to some inspiration to decorate a kid's room then cartoon animal prints are the best trend setters. This 3 piece canvas art will bring life to the bare walls and smile on the faces.

3 Wall Art Set of there is HOME

In the COVID times, home is the safest place so to make it more relaxing and soothing you can opt for Hello Beautiful, There is Home and Holiday canvas prints. This set of 3 prints Australia can complement a retro and modern home interior and reminds you of happy days.

If you are staying at home and thinking to renovate your walls of an office and home to get the peaceful and happy vibes then a 3 piece wall art set is the best option. Here at Arttree, you can find a variety of wall art sets of 3 which can adorn your walls in a magical way. You can explore the entire collection to find the best canvas prints according to your home and office interior and furniture.

You can share your ideas for decorating a set of 3 wall art in your home and office. We would be happy to see your creative side.

Stay positive, stay happy and make your walls alive again. 

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