3 Piece Canvas Art Prints - Oversized Large and Vibrant Artwork

3 Piece Canvas Art Prints - Oversized Large and Vibrant Artwork

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 19th Jan 2022

When you live in a house that provides sufficient wall space, using just one or two points might not be enough. You need to go the extra mile for your room decor and get your hands on a three-piece print set. They'll become a point of conversation and, in turn, appreciation whenever somebody visits your space. Getting them in a large size is even better since it takes the stress of buying multiple wall decor elements off of you. You install it once - and you're done for life!

If you can't find the perfect home decor ideas to adopt in your place, here are some of the finest print sets from the Arttree collection to get you started.

A Simple Way Of Life

A simple life is gravy underrated. There's insurmountable peace in just sitting on a bench with a person you love and talking aimlessly. Even a bicycle ride with a beloved friend can become one of the fondest memories of your life. The joy derived isn't based on how magnanimity of activity and this art print reminds you precisely that.

The plain sketching and color scheme only adds to the set's charm. It has a vintage look, but it's still as relatable as ever. You can hang this trio in any room of your house, but it's best-suited for the bedroom owing to its relaxed artistic style.

Vibrant Wings

Your wall decor is a direct reflection of your artistic taste and personality - and everybody needs to have a fun side. This 3 piece canvas art prints set showcases colorful birds such as a flamingo, parrot, and macaw surrounded by vivid flora. If you're an aviphile, then there's no way you could miss out on this triad.

Due to its colorful nature, it's best to place it in front of a monochromatic background to balance out the intricate details on the print. This also gives it ample opportunity to stand out and catch the attention of every passer-by.

Geometric Magnificence

Abstract prints have recently been taking over the interior decor scene. Their aesthetic appeal is to die for, and due to the minimalistic designs, they can easily be fit into any theme. The use of shapes and geometry is rampant in this art style which makes them very distinguishable. So if you've been eyeing these modern designs in social media, it's about time you get some for your own home!

This print set primarily uses different shades of orange, blue and brown - so having walls with muted versions of any of these colors would make for an ideal background.

Around the World In A Glance

People who love traveling and exploration are some of the most fascinating individuals on the planet. Their zeal to keep learning new things and visiting new locations makes them an excellent companion to have. But, no matter how fond you are of travel - the hustle and bustle of our daily lives make it a rare phenomenon for most of us.

This 3 piece of canvas art print exhibit the world map in all its glory. It lets you dream about your next vacation from the comfort of your couch. You can even install this in your kid's room so that they can brush up on their Geography regularly.


When you've got such beautiful designs to choose from, the only thing holding you back would be the worry about a money drain. With Arttree by your side, you never have to worry about finding art prints that fit your budget. We excel at making high-quality 3 Piece canvas art prints and supplying them at affordable prices to make art accessible. All our prints possess HD clarity and waterproof inks so that you can keep displaying your favorite pieces for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Pick a three-piece art print for your home today!