3 Piece Canvas Art for Hotels

3 Piece Canvas Art for Hotels

Posted by Josh Phillips on 14th Dec 2020

Canvas art has an innate ability to oomph the atmosphere of space and reflects interiors' ethos and aesthetic sensibility. Art has been part of the hospitality sector for since long. Hoteliers adopt the approaches by putting eye-catching and compelling art that contributes to a superior aesthetic experience and stimulating ambiance. Whether Tracey Emin is in the bathroom or Picasso above the fireplace, bespoke art can take the hotel experience from mundane to magnificent within a few minutes.

Whether you are a fully-fledged art-aficionado or are a lover of pretty pictures, our luxury 3 piece canvas art captivating collections genuinely push the limits when it comes to adding a big dose of character and cultural sophistication in your interiors. From nature, animals, modern prints to abstract, canvas prints bid adieu to old sterile rooms while welcoming to thoughtful bespoke experience with our collections. Have a look at it.

Green Palm Leaves

Hotels rooms usually stick to neutral shades of creams, but they tend to have signature accents that can feature the wall to add richness and character without overwhelming it. Turning the space into a relaxing haven with tropical green, refreshing palm leaves that adds a modern and sophisticated feel. Inject a bit of nature with majestically mysterious wall arts into your walls with a rich background.


A gorgeous succulent is a ubiquitously trendy choice. Cactus arts are vibrant with personality and create the perfect atmosphere for space. Ditch colors and anchor subtle, a soft color palette that showcases beautiful succulent cactus. Take a cue from nature that is high on style with delicately intricate white cactus that serves functional and stylish statement pieces.


Go splashy; infuse some warmth and personality with color filled flowers and a face that gives you an appealing sight. The art makes your spaces more stylish, chic, and unique while accentuating your walls that lend drama and depth. The piece provokes conversation and sets the positive vibe of the wall. Interpret nature inspired magic and grandeur of colorful state of flowers to decorate the state and multiple suites.

Gaudy Abstract

The bold and bright abstract paint color creates an uncluttered look while adding the right dose of colors. Modernize your interior with unique, beautifully crafted wall art that adds elegance and creativity to your ordinary rooms. A geometric mix of lines adds dimension and impact.

Calla Paddle

Adorn blank walls with vibrant backdrop wall art. either place it horizontally or vertically; the delightful font illustration enunciates immense lovable feelings. Place together the connecting message glimmers with soft pink tones and gold fonts, which pours positivity and ambiance motivation.

Smiley Faces

The quick way to spruce up your walls is by adding whimsical yet cute artwork that instantly escalates the room and interest. Embed smiley faces in your dining area adds visual appeal and evades a sense of monotony. Vibrant and colorful citrus fruits reignite the décor in a playful style, instilling a fresh new feel.

Turtle Leaf

The eclectic mix of contemporary art in the coffee area feels classic and understated. The soft curves and striking fonts throughout give a modern look while the iconic green ombre golden draws the eye up, accentuating the area.

Chinese Lotus

The delightful blend of the color palette is stuffed with a thoughtful mix of colors, patterns, and textures. Anchor Chinese lotus that can highlight minimalist modern spaces as well as chic minimalist styling. The refined white and dusty blue décor comes alive when partnered with greys and cool pink. Lavish your hotel with a luxury balance of white and blue that does not dominate the space.

Final Words

Nothing says more profoundly than a well intricate canvas that brings your spaces alive and warms up your living spaces. Add strong emphasis with iconic 3 pieces canvas art similar in style while giving a maximalist approach to an area.