​3 Best Tips for Bedroom Walls

​3 Best Tips for Bedroom Walls

Posted by Peter Anderson on 13th Oct 2020

You can’t deny that room decoration is an art. It is your new home or renovated living space that requires a ramp up to decorate your sanctuary as per your expectations. Home decor is now an essential and mandatory part to compete with society and for self satisfaction. Gone are the days when people used to live with barren walls for years together but now concept has changed and decor requires extensive planning, a good budget and guidance of an interior designer for proper execution of beautification of walls.

Bedroom is the most comfortable and soothing place to rest after a hectic day. In general, people give more attention to the living room; kitchen or other place that guests can see and neglect the bedroom where we will be spending most of our life’s time. A bed room should be a personal gateway, a sanctuary which expresses your feelings, favourite colours and collections. To accomplish that all, let start your bedroom wall decor planning by considering top tips mentioned below:


Colour has a special role to spruce up our walls. Always choose cool and vibrant colours on bedroom walls for soothing effect and to look space brighter and larger. Good texture of walls helps to decorate them to the next level.


Make advance planning for beatification of your bedroom walls keeping in mind the vacant space of walls. The large and empty space over your bed is probably the reason something is missing. To decorate this space is really a difficult task. Avoid over stuffing of walls rather keep some free space to look elegant. Cover your windows with luxurious linens for an aristocratic look.

Wall Decor and Accessories

First thing that crops up in mind when one has to decorate his/her bedroom walls is, where to install a TV set? Please avoid doing that and keep this option out and put this box at other places. After your hectic day you want to relax and sleep and wake up the next day to start afresh, so your bedroom doesn't require disturbance. There are so many other options to do with those walls.

If you want to jazz up your barren walls then there are a lot of creative ideas to fill this vacant space. From wall hangings and other wall art including a large canvas wall art prints & paintings, shelving, creating photo-gallery to draping tapestries, the options are a-plenty. Statement lamps, hanging on walls, bring a lot of charm to your bedroom. Moreover, shelves are an interesting way to bring in more storage. Shelves, above your head board and filling it with your favourite books & magazines, picture frames and decor items like potted plants make them cosy and eye-catching. You can add wall hangings, designer clocks, and a photo gallery to memorize the best moments of your life.

Wallpapers having bold geometric or floral patterns if used on walls space can bring a wow factor.

After your decor is complete then your walls need more care and maintenance. So you should apply the same care as you paid to opt for your bed, beddings, lightings, furniture & Furnishings.