21 Cassy Blue Canvas Wall Art Prints

21 Cassy Blue Canvas Wall Art Prints

Posted by Josh Phillips on 5th Nov 2020

Blue, the colour adds depth and promotes tranquillity in space. The colour of sky and sea evokes clarity, pureness and universal appeal. Your most essential space should be given strokes of blue to personalize it with a calming and welcoming effect. Whether you use deep navy for touch or drama or lighter shade for more subtle space, premium blue canvas art prints can pair with every other colour and harmonize artistic, inspiring interiors.

Whether you try to add tranquil or moody blues in your bedroom or lend a relaxing theme in our living area, we have some wall art that would quickly refresh and spice up your favourite room.

Cyan Abstract

At first glance on the home entryway, rich turquoise soothing tones would make it understated and bold statement with cyan abstract wall art. Whether you complement it with monochrome pallet or bare walls, this wall arts in the blue shade would create a statement piece for your spaces.

Blue Whale

Update an unattractive nook with Blue whale wall art for a whimsical touch. The soothing cool in art pulls together the eclectic room vibe.

Smoke effect

Calming and elegant smoked effect high quality abstract watercolour paint would give unpretentious sophistication in your dining room or kids room.

Blue dress

Add colourful strides of blues juxtaposed with pink sets tone. Injected with women personality graced in dress, will add some respite to your spaces.


Refresh your wall by adding a splash of blue shade wall arts online emphasizing golden botanical leaves recreating a beachy and nature-enthusiasts environment.

Old Love romantic quote

Spice up your romantic moods with this old love quote. The vintage wooden board paired with cleverly used quotes would add positive and exuberant energy in your bedrooms.

Tribal feathers

Delicate, intricate tribal feathers with deeply saturated colours to cool blues of vivid Fuschia to energize living areas. Add distinctive touch embracing tranquil hues would be perfect for any home.

Blue fishes shoal

Blue fishes symbolize creativity, good luck, happiness, serenity and strength. Quirky, beautifully illustrated, striking fishes shoal will add minimalist and abstract art would easily transform your home corners.

Blue dolphins

Aquatic graceful giants of whales are associated with compassion and unbridled creativity. The soft shades of blue and underwater plants would instantly become focal points for your bedrooms.

Flamingo and blue water

Rejuvenate serene and calming effect with blue water wall art in your home or workplace. Colligated blue canvas art prints with soft pink flamingo would create a devilishly serene atmosphere.

Blue deer family

Ensemble noble and impressive iconic nordic blue deer family into your walls. With a spectrum of blues, wall art can be easily complimented with a neutral palette or vibrant colours.

Women in blue dress

Unique elongated style of Portraiture Amedeo Modigliani with a streamlined colour palette would create a cohesive look.

Blue oceanscape

Bring the sunny side and relaxing ambience with blue oceanscape wall arts. Whether you want to bring a hot and exotic holiday feeling or adventurous trip would bring warmth and grace over walls.

Digital wallflowers

Add striking right colour balance in your dining room or hallways with digital white flowers. The contrasting modern blue blended flowers can complement with higher and muted tones recreating a charming and relaxed atmosphere.

Abstract watercolour art

A soothing soft blue hue adds an ethereal, dreamy quality to every space. Blue paired with grey would energize a living room while adding movement and depth on the space. The blue wall art would pop against while walls or can be used against richly hued backdrops too.

Golden birds landscape

Unique, eclectic and beautiful, mesmerizing golden birds wall art is perfect for who want to have striking effect with strokes of blues. It almost adds realistic feel that golden birds are actually moving and enjoying their freedom in the vast sky.

Blue ballet dance girls

Adorn with statement blue ballet dance pieces without infusing more colours to nook; a blue shaded print will energize and lend romance to your walls.

Peacock bird feathers

Bring grandeur peacock blue wallet art to create a show-stopping feature wall. Ditch sea blues for regal colouring, the royal blue coupled with space or home corners would ensure eclectic and striking space.

Beautiful Life

Simplistic and elegantly designed 'beautiful life' wall art pours positivity and grace you want to create in a room. The canvas art can go well when you want to make a statement without adding more colours into your space.

Blue mountain sky

For a stunning bedroom, add this blue moody colour scheme that recreates a luxurious and relaxing feel. Experience bliss, serenity with this astonishing blue-capped mountain sky wallpapers for your relaxing master bedroom utterly or chilled out lounge.

Porcelain Moroccan prints

This geometric wall art would add dimension and depth to your nook or cranny without transforming much. The subtly and beautifully Moroccan prints set off edginess with bold patterns.

Final words

Illuminate your areas with vibrant and bright blue wall arts that are surefire ways to accentuate your walls. Infuse the outside world with beautiful landscape, nature, coastal or water-based wall art for creating stunning views for every room.