Octopus and Jellyfish

Animal Sculptures

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Octopus and jellyfish water animal glass material home decor sculpture

High Quality Sculpture Art

The colorful glass jellyfish has a refreshing feeling of the ocean. The jellyfish's tentacles sway with the seawater, plus a few small bubbles, showing the dynamics of the jellyfish swimming. A yellow octopus is affixed to the glass, it is vivid and cute. The work is carefully crafted by professional craftsmen. Through over 1000 degrees of the high-temperature baking process, the details are fine and realistic, the appearance is smooth and lovable. The craftsmanship is complex and delicate, as nuances are unavoidable because they are handmade. Each piece is a special and exquisite work of art.

Glass Material
13 x 5 x 15
cm (l x w x h)
1320 grams approx.

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